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    Our Website has Changed – Check it Out!

    We are excited to announce updates to our website! What’s New? We’ve built out web pages with more information about our Pennsylvania Services. Before, we had a single web page that had brief descriptions of our services. Now, each of our services has their own page. Each service page includes expanded information about what the […]

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    Beginnings and Continued Commitments

    A new year offers time for reflection, resolutions, and new beginnings! In late 2023, we welcomed Myra to the In Home and Community Leadership Team as our new Community Support Facilitator for southeastern PA. In this role, Myra works in partnership with people using services and their families so they are leading lives of their […]

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    Volunteering in Action

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is through volunteering.  According to Wikipedia, volunteering is “when a person or a group of people freely give their time and labor for Community Service”. Volunteering can help a person to connect with others and make new friends.  You can learn new things from […]

  • An African American male in a wheel chair and an African American female pose for the camera in front of a black and white artistic background

    A Self-Directed (Night) Life

    Arthur (Art) uses the Supports Brokering service through Values Into Action to support him in managing his Participant Directed Services. Below is a conversation between Art and his Support Service Professional, Davion. Art and Diavion (pictured above) created this blog with the assistance from Jennifer Smith (Supports Broker) and Michele Dinardo (Supports Brokerage Coordinator). Diavion: […]

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    Finally Home! Reflecting on 5 Years.

    Time flies when you’re having fun. And what’s more fun than helping people take control and find a home of their own!? For five years, Values Into Action PA has worked on the Person Directed Housing Grant. We did this with funding from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC). The project name is Finally Home. […]

  • A woman with question marks above her head considers her food options. On the left, there is pizza, candy, soda, a burger and fries. On the right, there is bananas, apples, broccoli, yogurt, fish and lettuce.

    Helping to Make Healthy Eating Choices

    Everyday Lives: Values In Action promotes self-direction, choice, and control. Self-direction is possible when:  We must respect people’s right to make decisions about the “big things” in their lives, as well as the smaller things, including what to eat.   People who provide support often ask the question: “How do we help a person to make healthy […]

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    Unlocking the Mystery of Rate Setting

    Rate setting is the process that Medicaid systems use to create reimbursement rates for services provided. Many factors are taken into consideration during the development of rates. It’s meant to standardize the many costs associated with service delivery. Providers are asked to stay reasonably within those standards.   The Process Involves 3 Major Components:  Rate […]

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    Employment First in NJ

    Did you know that New Jersey is an “Employment First” state? “Employment First” means that competitive employment is the recommended first activity after graduation. This is true for everyone, including people with disabilities. ‘Employment First’ is about empowering people with choices for their future. With opportunities for employment comes questions about how it could affect […]

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