Our Leadership Team

Alycia Burroughs, Director of Quality Assurance & Improvement

Christina Rappisi, Director of Supports Coordination

Pamela Coronado Lira

Pamela Coronado Lira, Director of Administration

Marian Frattarola-Saulino

Marian Frattarola-Saulino, Executive Director

Rachel Milano-Davis

Rachel Milano-Davis, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Saulino

Paul Saulino, Chief Financial Officer

Allison McGill

Allison McGill, Director of Culture & Talent

Amy Jedele, Director of Projects & Innovations

Cartoon picture of woman with brown skin and long dark hair in front of a colorful background

Tina Wilberforce, Associate Director of Finance & Administration

Board of Directors

Jody Alessandrine

Director/CEO at Cape May MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts)

Lonnie Sublett

Network and Systems Engineer

Varissa McMickens Blair

Founder & Executive Consultant
NOWWellspring Consulting

Chief Strategies Officer 
Olney Culture Lab of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia