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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Support Coordination?

The Support Coordination service is a very important one as it connects all the waiver services and supports you will use. As your Support Coordination Agency, our job is to:

  • Support you in developing your Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Inform you about the services available to you within the DDD system
  • Help you understand and manage your waiver services through the DDD budget
  • Help you learn about self-direction, and how to best control your services even if you choose a provider
  • Provide you with information about service providers and self-direction. With these resources, you can make the best decisions for yourself.
  • Oversee your services to be sure they are meeting your expectations
  • Keep in touch with you at least monthly to see how things are going and to help you make the best use of services and live your best life

How long have you provided Support Coordination services in New Jersey?

Values into Action has been providing Support Coordination services since 2007. We were one of the first organizations to be selected by DDD to offer Support Coordination Services. We have worked alongside DDD and have helped inform and adapt policies and practices to make them more accessible to you.

Values into Action is one of the founding members of the Collaborative for Citizen Directed Supports- New Jersey. The Collaborative connects people who want to direct their services and advocate for systems change. This will enable people and their families to be in control. For more information please visit the website: https://www.thecollaborativenj.org/

How will you know which Support Coordinator will be right for me?

We coordinate teams based on geography. We do this to ensure that the Support Coordinator is knowledgeable in services where you live (because they live in the area, too!). This can include those provided through your DDD budget and also opportunities within your community. Such activities/classes can include gyms, cooking classes, transportation services, etc.

How many other people will my Support Coordinator work with?

Our team sizes vary, but with Values into Action’s team approach you will have a variety of people working with you. Our team have all been Support Coordinators themselves. If your Support Coordinator is unavailable for any reason you will have a handful of people ready to support you, as needed.

How long will I work with the same Support Coordinator?

Hopefully a long time! We do understand that relationships will form. We also understand that, for various reasons, the assigned Support Coordinator may change. With our team approach we hope that if this does happen, you will feel supported and connected still.

How does your agency respond to issues and needs that occur after typical business hours?

Values into Action has an on-call administrator who is available after “typical business hours”. (Please, if you are experiencing an emergency call 911.) “Typical business hours” are Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM.

Our on-call administrator will be available to provide support to you outside of those times. They will also notify your Support Coordinator of your call so follow up can occur the next business day.

Describe the experience your Support Coordinators have working with people with disabilities.

The state of New Jersey requires Support Coordinators to have at least one year of direct experience with individuals who have a developmental or intellectual disability. We are always clear in our training with Support Coordinators that the best teachers of their own lives are the people who accept our support. We value past educational experiences, but we also value learning from each person we support. Life looks differently for everyone, so we learn a lot from you.

How will your Support Coordinators work with me to understand my needs and wants and the way I communicate them?

Values into Action knows that no one knows you better than you. Your Support Coordinator will work with you to identify your goals, hopes, and dreams in order to relay that into your ISP. Once those are identified, services and community opportunities can be explored for you to choose next steps. Just like any relationship building it may take time, but we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

How will you involve me, my family, and others that care about me in planning for and choosing services?

Your Support Coordinator cannot, and should not, choose services for you. Your Support Coordinator can, and will, provide you with information about services and activities. If you are interested, your Support Coordinator can arrange next steps. This can include a “meet and greet” with the providers or community point persons and then those can be added in your ISP if you wish to move forward. You get to choose your planning team. As you get to know your Support Coordinator that information can be shared.

How will my Support Coordinator consider my background when working with me and helping me find services? (including culture, traditions, and language, etc.)

Your culture, traditions, and language will always be respected and included in your decision making process. When you meet with your Support Coordinator it will be important for them to know what is important to you. That way, those pieces can be incorporated into all decision making processes.

What training do your Support Coordinators receive in addition to what’s required?

In addition to the required trainings Values into Action has a mentoring process. This means that your Support Coordinator learns from other employees at Values into Action. During this training, your Support Coordinator meets people who accept services. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about the role and the expectations in a more personal approach. We believe required trainings are important. We also believe that you are the best teacher when it comes to teaching us how to best support you in leading the life you envision and want.

How will my Support Coordinator make sure my needs are being met in the ways that I want?

Your Support Coordinator will be in consistent contact with you and your team. Our goal is to build a working relationship with you, and your team, so that your needs can be best communicated and met. Values into Action has been given the ability to approve your ISP. What this means is you can request edits to your ISP and we can review them and approve them without having to wait on external reviewing processes. As a result, your services can start sooner to help you reach your goals faster.

How will your agency make sure that Support Coordinators are available to meet outside of required meetings?

All of our employees have work issued laptops and cell phones to ensure that our team is available to support you as best as possible. If you would like to request a meeting with your Support Coordinator you can communicate that with them in a way that works best for you. They will then meet you in a place of your choosing that you are comfortable with.

How will you use my suggestions to make Support Coordination services better?

We value your feedback and believe that feedback from those who accept services with us is how we can continue to learn and grow. We will occasionally reach out to check in and see how your services are going and learn from you what we are doing well and what we could be doing to improve. We strive to provide the best Support Coordination services and will use your input to meet that goal. If you would like to give feedback anonymously you can do so through our Newsreel or through our website.

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