Support Coordination

Three friends are wearing coats at night outside and laughing together. One woman is African American, one woman is Asian and used a wheel chair and one woman is Caucasian.

The Support Coordinator (SC) introduces you to the person-centered planning process, assists you with accessing services and supports, and is responsible for providing information about the range of services and supports available both in advance of, and during, the planning meeting. They are then responsible for guiding you to locate the services and supports from among reputable community resources and qualified DDD service providers.  Then, they are to monitor those services to ensure they are helping you to realize your aspirations and meet your needs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide you with information and support to understand the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) service system and guide you through the person-centered planning process; 
  • Use person-centered planning tools to help you determine your desired outcomes and draft an Individual Service Plan that reflects who you are and what you want;  
  • Provide you with information on your right to self direct some or all of your DDD services, and offer information on the resources available to help you direct your own services;
  • Help you become familiar with all relevant community resources as well as services and supports available in your neighborhood, town or city; 
  • Help you to learn about and connect with qualified providers to help you achieve your desired outcomes;
  • Ensure that the Individual Service Plan addresses your health and safety issues, including all assurances that are required by Medicaid; 
  • Work with you to utilize your budget effectively; 
  • Monitor for the quality of services and supports;

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