Fairs, Festivals, and Free Events in NJ!

Bright colored calendar with a picture of a sun and sky and an overlapping bullhorn with lightening bolts coming out.

Summer is almost upon us. The weather is getting nicer, which gives us all more of a reason to go outside!

If you are interested in fairs, festivals, and free events, then check out the link in the button below. This online resource organizes fairs and festivals by month throughout the state of New Jersey (and some in New York for those of you who live, or like to travel, north)! Look through the list to find something that interests you. It can be local, or somewhere farther if you are in the mood for adventure. Either way, this resource offers a great way to explore what our area has to offer. If you love community events like I do, you can even sign up for their newsletter to receive emails with more information about upcoming fairs, festivals, and free events.

In addition to the fun – Community events offer great opportunities to get to know your neighborhood and local resources. Also, they present a wonderful opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

Cheers to a summer full of sun, fun, and connections!