Inclusion & Equity

  • A disabled man smiles brightly at the camera with a green sign saying, "I am Olmstead" on his lap.

    I Am Olmstead!

    This year, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Olmstead Decision. I am personally grateful to the United States Supreme Court for the impact this has on my life. About Olmstead The story of the Olmstead case begins with two women, Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson. They had mental illness and developmental disabilities. They […]

  • A Deaf Black man wearing glasses looks neutrally at the camera while holding a hand lettered sign declaring “NOTHING about us without US.” The man wears denim overalls and has a black and white beard, septum piercing, and hair pulled back with a bandana. The background features a vibrant mural of a Black woman looking down.

    With, Not For.

    With, not For. That is a power statement and one that is used frequently here at Values into Action. It’s the cornerstone on which the work we do is supported. The collaborative model works to bring everyone to the table. This allows people to forge a path into a space where once hidden voices have […]

  • Cartoon image of three people working around a desk together.

    Collaborative Team Leadership in Action

    What is Collaborative Team Leadership (also known as Participatory Management)? It is a management practice used here at Values into Action. With this philosophy, formal leaders work alongside team and community members. Here at Values Into Action, we have many examples of this type of leadership in action.   First, for people to fully participate, information […]