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Community Participation Support and In Home and Community Support Services

We recruit, interview and hire the direct support staff you select so that you can live a life of your choosing in your own home and community. We work with you to first understand your preferences and needs, and then help you to customize a support plan that makes the best use of your public funding, using available waiver services.

Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Support Services

A credentialed housing professional offers information, resources, and support to assist you to create a Housing Plan that is designed to help you with finding, obtaining, and sustaining a home of your own that is separate from your services.

Supports Broker Services

This service is available to you when you decide to direct your services using Participant Directed Services, even if you are still living in a group home or other type of facility. You will have to select either the Agency with Choice or Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent financial management service organization to handle your waiver funding. The Support Broker then assists you or your designated surrogate with employer-related responsibilities, helps you with ensuring compliance with the regulations and rules, and to develop and sustain relationships with friends and acquaintances, all so you can be successful in self-directing some or all of your waiver services.