HTTS Training Guide

Four disabled people of color face each other in a open circle during a meeting. Two Black people sit on a couch with a cane leaning off the side while a Black non-binary person stands with a tablet and cane. A South Asian person in a wheelchair takes notes.

What is the HTTS Training Guide:

The Housing Transition & Tenancy Sustaining (HTTS) Service Training Guide represents the culmination of five years of learning, teaching, and reflecting on best practices in supporting people to control where and with whom they live. This HTTS Service Training Guide can be used by organizations to educate their employees to learn how to access housing resources and programs, and to know how to inform and refer others to housing programs and resources. Having employees who understand and know how to provide a broad range of housing support will help the provider to meet the provider qualifications to deliver the Housing Transition & Tenancy Sustaining (HTTS) service in Pennsylvania to individuals funded through Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) waivers.

This Guide focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a HTTS service provider working in the Office of Developmental Programs system. Designed to be user friendly and instructive, this Guide should assist facilitators who lead the education and development of HTTS service providers in Pennsylvania. The Guide provides step-by-step instructions for delivering the content. It should be used consistently by approved Facilitators in organizations offering the HTTS service.

This project was funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

HTTS Training Guide Files

Photo attributed to Disabled And Here project. Photo was taken by Chona Kasinger.