A Caucasian woman with intellectual disability is wearing a tan blazer and glasses while looking straight into the camera.

How We’re Different

  • No matter what the service, the person has authority and control over their planning process, where and with whom they live and what they choose to do for their career and other aspects of their lives.
  • Everyone is respected as the expert of their own life, and the owner of their own experiences.
  • Everyone has the right to control the course of their lives, and direct their own services to live the life they want with the support they need.
  • Everyone has the right to own their own communication and to be supported in accessing and using technology that enables this.
  • Everyone who is part of our organization is valued for who they are and all they bring to our community.

Our values and beliefs underpin everything we do:

Adapting with you to live your life, your way

Respecting you and your choices

Dedicated to you and your ambitions

Kind to you without exception

Transforming services with you

Open minded to you

Accountable to you and yours