Partnering with people with disabilities to design and live their best lives.


People with disabilities are accepted and welcomed in their communities, for all they are, and all they bring.

How We Got Started

Marian Frattarola-Saulino and Paul Saulino created Values Into Action in 2005 as an alternative to the traditional system of supports for people with disabilities. They formed the organization at their kitchen table, alongside a group of peers who shared their dedication to creating a new way to deliver supports in such a way that people with disabilities have the power to control their own lives.   

Marian is a social worker, and Paul is a finance professional, and they met while working for a traditional disability service provider. While with that provider, Paul and Marian led efforts to significantly transform its approach and practices. However, they were not able to move the organization’s leadership away from providing programs in group homes and settings that segregated people with disabilities from their communities.  

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Because of this experience, Paul and Marian set off on their own to design and deliver services and supports under the direction of the people accepting their support and their allies.  Along the way, they were able to work for training and technical assistance companies where they had the opportunity to assist with the start-up of microboards (a formalized circle of support), and to act in the role of community practitioner by implementing the service of Supports Brokering, which helps people to direct their services.

Both were, and remain committed to being responsible allies in the disability justice movement.   Values Into Action was born from this dedication to changing the future of services and supports. It remains today one of the only organizations in Pennsylvania that provides services and supports in partnership with people, exclusively in their own homes and communities.

How We Adapt to Meet Your Expectations

Values Into Action continues to play a forward role in the expansion of self-directed services and the Person-Directed Services (PDS) model through active partnership with self-advocates and system partners. This includes Temple University to facilitate and lead the Supports Broker Network in PA, co-founding the Collaborative for Citizen Directed Supports in NJ, the Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports nationwide, and ongoing advocacy and educational efforts at national and international conferences.

Whether choosing to accept support with directing one’s own services through the PDS model or receiving direct home and community-based support from the organization, Values Into Action has stayed true to its mission and values – People with disabilities are respected and supported to have freedom and responsibility over their choices and their lives.

Now serving over 800 people and employing over one hundred people, the organization has evolved to become a vibrant community of people with shared values who appreciate, respect, and welcome each other for all they are and all they bring.