Charting the LifeCourse

A Deaf Black man wearing glasses looks neutrally at the camera while holding a hand lettered sign declaring “NOTHING about us without US.” The man wears denim overalls and has a black and white beard, septum piercing, and hair pulled back with a bandana. The background features a vibrant mural of a Black woman looking down.

Here at Values Into Action, we use the Charting the LifeCourse Framework. We do this because it aligns with our mission to partner with people with disabilities to design and live their best lives. The Charting the LifeCourse framework encourages person centered and directed supports. Person-directed support often involves collaboration among the person receiving support, their family members, friends, and care professionals. Everyone works together to create a plan that best meets the person’s needs. The approach empowers individuals to actively participate in planning their support. It encourages self-advocacy and involvement in decision-making processes.

The key principles of the CtLC Framework were initially developed to drive person-centered change for people with disabilities and their families. However, the Charting the LifeCourse Framework and tools apply to everyone.

Our Journey

Our team has had working knowledge of the framework for many years. More recently, we began our journey to expand our knowledge and use. Since 2022, we’ve trained our organization on the foundational skills of Charting the LifeCourse. Also, stakeholders from different parts of our organization became certified Charting the LifeCourse Ambassadors.

Our Charting the LifeCourse Ambassadors are working with our Executive Leadership Team to lead the way to align our practices with Charting the LifeCourse. This includes the way we:

  • provide services and supports in partnership with people with disabilities and their families,
  • support and train our employees and teams,
  • and evaluate and plan on an organizational level.

Our credentialed CtLC Ambassador’s champion the use of the framework and tools in ways that are helpful to people and teams.

Our Ambassadors

  • Allan Feldman, Self-Advocate
  • Annie Kisilewicz, Lead Support Partner
  • Breanna Comstock, Housing Resource Specialist
  • CL Mannings, Lead Support Partner
  • Dorinda Young, Associate Director
  • Jacquette Bazemore, Supports Broker
  • Jennifer Smith, Supports Broker
  • Jill Astoreca, Learning & Development Specialist
  • Kristian Smith Diaz, Community Support Facilitator
  • Lynn Alexander, Supports Broker
  • Marvin Crane, Support Partner
  • Pamela Zotynia, Service Director
  • Rachel Milano-Davis, Chief Operating Officer
  • Sharmen Clark, Community Support Facilitator
  • Shawn Korp, Support Partner
  • Susan Rowell, Associate Director

We will post more information and resources here as we continue on our journey with Charting the LifeCourse. For now, enjoy these resources from Charting the LifeCourse.

Introduction to CtLC Video

Learn More

The Charting the LifeCourse website provides a wealth of information. By visiting the website, you can learn more about the framework and tools. You can also download the tools for your use.

Featured photo, ‘Nothing About Us Without Us,’ attributed to Disabled and Here.

Photo by Gritchelle Fallesgon. Background mural by Lliam Werproc.