Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services

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The housing transition and tenancy sustaining (HTTS) service helps a person with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or autism to find and keep a home of their own. That means housing that is separate from their service provider. HTTS services are direct and indirect.

It starts with a Housing Assessment. A Housing Resource Specialist guides the person to explore their housing needs. This can include needed accommodation/s and environmental, technological, financial, and housing-related resources. The assessment drives the Housing Plan. The Housing Plan is created with the person and others the person chooses. The housing plan is the foundation for the HTTS service activities.

Generally, the HTTS service includes two main parts:

Housing Transition Services:

These services focus on helping the person to find a home of their own. Some of the tasks we can help with are:

  • the housing search,
  • the application process,
  • addressing any barriers to securing and maintaining housing
  • identifying financial education & planning resources
  • ensuring the living environment is safe
  • arranging for the move
  • working collaboratively with other providers and unpaid supports
  • developing a housing support crisis plan
  • providing training on how to be a good tenant
  • identifying resources to secure household furnishings and utility assistance

As we work through the assessment and develop the Housing Plan, there may be other needed tasks. We work with the person to identify and share these things with their Supports Coordinator and other team members.

Tenancy Sustaining Services

Once the person has obtained housing, tenancy-sustaining services come into play. These services help the person maintain their housing by addressing challenges that may arise.

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Pictured above: Housing Resource Specialist, Tylin, with Keith and Leslie

Our Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services are holistic and supportive. We meet the person where they are. Their goals are our goals – to secure housing and have the resources and skills to maintain their home.

Overall, Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services include:

Ongoing Housing Support:

There is a Housing Resource Specialist available for each person. This role works with the person to:

  • Identify challenges that may jeopardize housing, such as late rental payments and other lease violations.
  • Providing support with communicating with the landlord or property manager
  • Understanding the terms of the lease
  • Assisting with the housing recertification process, if applicable
  • Reviewing, updating, and modifying the housing support and crisis plans

Financial Assistance:

The Housing Resource Specialist can help with identifying resources for support with rent payments, security deposits, or other financial barriers to stable housing.

Education and Skill-Building:

We work with the person to develop the skills and knowledge needed to maintain stable housing. This often includes budgeting, communication, planning and problem-solving. We also help the person to learn information and resources that can help them with their housing goals.

Connecting with Community Resources:

The Housing Resource Specialist helps to source and connect with community resources that can help the person with their housing goals.

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