Supports Broker Services

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This Supports Broker service helps people with intellectual or developmental disabilities or autism and their families to direct their waiver services their way. The service is available for people who choose the Participant Directed Services model for at least one service. It is available in the Consolidated, Community Living, and Person/Family Directed Services (P/FDS) waivers.

The service is provided by a qualified Supports Broker. The Supports Broker offers guidance and mentoring with employer-related tasks. The Supports Brokers also helps the person to understand and comply with the rules that apply to the use of public funds. Most importantly, the Supports Broker helps the person to connect with people and places in their community. This is all done with the intent to help the person to live their best life.

Here are the key components of support broker services:

Assessment and Planning:

We work side by side with the person to develop a workplan. The person decides what tasks they need us to help with. Our team of Supports Brokers have been trained to use the Charting the LifeCourse Framework. We support the person to use these person-centered planning tools to decide what is important to them. The information we gather can be used to help develop recruiting flyers, job descriptions, schedules, and to anticipate future needs.

Navigating Community Resources:

Our team of Support Brokers are skilled in identifying community resources. We partner with the person to use these resources to recruit staff and identify community activities that match their interests. Our team can also help the person to build a circle of support to help them along their journey through life.

A black man in a wheel chair wearing a baseball cap beside a black woman with bright beads in her hair outside a stadium.

Pictured above: Arthur (Art) uses the Supports Brokering service through Values Into Action to support him in managing his Participant Directed Services. In this picture, Art is with his Support Service Professional, Davion.

Compliance Activities:

Our team of Supports Brokers provide guidance and support with complying with the standards, regulations, policies, and waiver requirements related to participant directed services. We assist the person to understand and participate in orientation and training provided by the Vendor/Fiscal Employer Agent or the Agency with Choice.

Communication and Self-Advocacy:

Our team of Supports Brokers help the person to identify areas of support that will promote success with self-direction and independence. We help the person to share this information with their team and Supports Coordinator. We can also help the person to navigate problem-solving and decision-making. Our goal is to support the person in achieving their personal outcomes related to the participant directed services.

Skill Building:

Our team of Supports Brokers work with the person to create work schedules and back-up plans. We also help the person to learn the skills they need to manage the employees they hire.

Person-Centered Approach:

We work in partnership with the person. We do not make decisions for them. We support the person to achieve their personal goals. Afterall, the person is the expert of their life.

Transition Support:

Support brokers can assist in planning a smooth transition between life’s phases. This can include planning changes to the support staff schedule, helping to train staff on changing needs, or helping to build the circle of support for long term planning.

Quality Assurance and Improvement:

Our team monitors the effectiveness of services ongoing. We talk with the person about what is working and what is not. We work with the person to adjust our supports, as needed. With regular evaluation, we adapt with the person’s evolving needs.

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