Adapting in Partnership

Elissa and her Support Partner, Keriann, with a colorful background.

An accidental fall and fractured hip changed Elissa’s life within minutes. Yet, through her recovery, Elissa demonstrated perseverance that was nothing short of incredible. Elissa’s Support Partners played an essential role in this recovery.

During Elissa’s time in the hospital, her Support Partners brought a sense of normalcy to an unfamiliar setting. They brought smiling faces, words of encouragement, and familiar activities from her home. They had spa days and did puzzles and crafts. Elissa’s Support Partners were by her side when Elissa took her “first steps” in the days after surgery. They were there with Elissa each step of the way as she made slow and steady progress towards the ultimate goal of returning safely to her own home.

After a couple of tough months for Elissa and her family, Elissa returned home. Elissa’s communication showed how excited she was to go home! We knew that the road to continued recovery for Elissa was not going to be an easy one. When Elissa returned home from the hospital there were many unknowns. How would Elissa adjust and re-acclimate to her home and surroundings? Elissa’s team was committed to figuring it out in partnership with Elissa and her family.

Once home, Elissa received physical and occupational therapies many times a week with the goal to re-gain her ability to walk. Elissa made leaps and bounds of progress in her recovery at a rapid pace. Elissa was eager to resume her pre-accident routine. Elissa’s Support Partners did everything they could to support this goal with Elissa.

Fast forward – Elissa completed her physical and occupation therapies. She is walking again and has resumed her favorite activities. Elissa’s Support Partners adapted alongside Elissa throughout the entire situation.

Elissa, her parents, and her support partners agreed to share this story to highlight the power of support partnerships. We often talk about co-production here at Values Into Action. This is a shining example of co-production in action.