Our Community in Action

  • Four drawn people of different shades standing side by side and facing away with their hands locked together and raised.

    Volunteering in Action

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is through volunteering.  According to Wikipedia, volunteering is “when a person or a group of people freely give their time and labor for Community Service”. Volunteering can help a person to connect with others and make new friends.  You can learn new things from […]

  • Pam smiles brightly at the camera while holding her Painter and Poet business card

    Welcome to Pam’s World

    Independence, Creativity, and Choice…three individual rights that are sometimes taken for granted. Imagine being a person with disabilities who relies on the support of others to exercise these simple rights. Consider being unable to choose what you wear, the foods you eat, or the places you visit. This is the unfortunate reality for many people […]

  • Annie and Michael hold a picture frame with the Values Into Action logo

    Disability Pride Lehigh Valley

    Several members of the Values Into Action community attended the Lehigh Valley’s first ever Disability Pride PA event on July 22, 2023. Disability Pride PA promotes visibility within our community as we advocate for an inclusive world. To read the full mission statement of Disability Pride PA, please visit their website: Present at the event […]

  • A group of people gathered together at a gala

    Celebrating Collaboration

    Values Into Action’s collaboration with Delaware County Advocacy & Resource Organization (DCARO) has been in place and growing for years. DCARO is a membership organization. Their main goal is to help people with disabilities who live in Delaware County. They are advocates for inclusive public policy and provide social and recreational opportunities. Values Into Action […]

  • Celebrating 18 Years of Building Community

    As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of Values Into Action, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Marian Frattarola-Saulino, shares a message of gratitude for the Values Into Action community. From the beginning, this was about YOU. Our community, our rights, and our determination to live our best and everyday lives. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello Values Into Action community. […]

  • Networking in Action: Valuing Community Connections

    Photo: Julie and Kristian Smith-Diaz, Community Support Facilitator, in action at the Northampton Community College Career Fair At Values Into Action, our vision is a world where people with disabilities are accepted and welcomed in their communities. Our simple goal to hire people who align with this vision brings challenges. We continually assess best ways […]

  • Elissa and her Support Partner, Keriann, with a colorful background.

    Adapting in Partnership

    An accidental fall and fractured hip changed Elissa’s life within minutes. Yet, through her recovery, Elissa demonstrated perseverance that was nothing short of incredible. Elissa’s Support Partners played an essential role in this recovery. During Elissa’s time in the hospital, her Support Partners brought a sense of normalcy to an unfamiliar setting. They brought smiling […]