Welcome to Pam’s World

Pam smiles brightly at the camera while holding her Painter and Poet business card

Independence, Creativity, and Choice…three individual rights that are sometimes taken for granted. Imagine being a person with disabilities who relies on the support of others to exercise these simple rights. Consider being unable to choose what you wear, the foods you eat, or the places you visit. This is the unfortunate reality for many people receiving services.

Our team at Values Into Actions works to ensure that each person we support exercises these rights daily. Each person is supported to choose how they want their life to look. Support, by definition, means “give help to; enable to function or act,” and that’s what our Support Partners do. We ensure that every person we support has the independence of choice and creativity to live their lives as THEY want.

In this video, Pam welcomes you into her world. Pam, a person who uses our residential service, lives her life to the fullest, her way, with the help of her Support Partners and other natural supports.

Pam regularly posts her art and community events on her Instagram. You can connect with Pam and support her work by clicking the button below.