Our Website has Changed – Check it Out!

Values Into Action logo next to the words, "Website Updates" Below are graphics of different sized screens with pictures of our website inside.

We are excited to announce updates to our website!

What’s New?

We’ve built out web pages with more information about our Pennsylvania Services. Before, we had a single web page that had brief descriptions of our services. Now, each of our services has their own page. Each service page includes expanded information about what the service can include. We’ve also added examples of the services in action. This can help people to gain a better understanding of what the service can look like for them.

We’ve written the new web pages with different audiences in mind. We recognize that different people come to our website for different reasons. A person may be looking for services for themselves, a family member, friend, or neighbor. Support Coordinators or other professionals may also visit to gather information and make referrals.


  • We are committed to increasing the accessibility of our communications. The new service pages were written using plain language. We also used clean, high contrast design and alt text in our images.
  • We are committed to helping to fill gaps in information and services available to people. Our web pages expand upon the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) service definitions. The web pages were written with keywords in mind. That means that we used words that people are likely to search for. By doing that, people are more likely to find our website.

Our website is a reflection of our community.

We are thankful to the people who trust in us for their services or employment. Also to the members of our community who shared their story to help others.

Check It Out

You can find links to each of our new service pages here.

Feedback is Welcome!

Our website is a work-in-progress. It is meant to change and adapt over time, just as we all do. If you see something you feel could be changed on our website, please let us know.