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    Our Website has Changed – Check it Out!

    We are excited to announce updates to our website! What’s New? We’ve built out web pages with more information about our Pennsylvania Services. Before, we had a single web page that had brief descriptions of our services. Now, each of our services has their own page. Each service page includes expanded information about what the […]

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    Volunteering in Action

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is through volunteering.  According to Wikipedia, volunteering is “when a person or a group of people freely give their time and labor for Community Service”. Volunteering can help a person to connect with others and make new friends.  You can learn new things from […]

  • A Deaf Black man wearing glasses looks neutrally at the camera while holding a hand lettered sign declaring “NOTHING about us without US.” The man wears denim overalls and has a black and white beard, septum piercing, and hair pulled back with a bandana. The background features a vibrant mural of a Black woman looking down.

    With, Not For.

    With, not For. That is a power statement and one that is used frequently here at Values into Action. It’s the cornerstone on which the work we do is supported. The collaborative model works to bring everyone to the table. This allows people to forge a path into a space where once hidden voices have […]

  • Finding My Way

    It began in January of 2020 with a trusted and respected friend who knew I was having trouble finding a job. I began working at a local movie theatre, but the hours and the pay were not enough to support my family. My friend had told me she knew about a company named Values Into […]

  • Celebrating 18 Years of Building Community

    As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of Values Into Action, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Marian Frattarola-Saulino, shares a message of gratitude for the Values Into Action community. From the beginning, this was about YOU. Our community, our rights, and our determination to live our best and everyday lives. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello Values Into Action community. […]

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    Holding Space for Lived Experience

    We talk a lot about the importance of shared lived experience. But why is this so important?   If we want to partner with individuals to support them in their vision for a good life, we need to know what they want and need. The shared lived experience of disability can help us understand. It can […]