• Cartoon disabled and non disabled people lined in from of a government building.

    Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Access Act

    S.762 – Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Access Act Introduced by Senator Bob Casey 3/09/2023. Why is HCBS Access Act Important? There are many older adults and people with disabilities living in America who need help with daily activities. Many are eligible for Medicaid long-term services and supports (LTSS) to support their everyday needs. […]

  • A group of people gathered together at a gala

    Celebrating Collaboration

    Values Into Action’s collaboration with Delaware County Advocacy & Resource Organization (DCARO) has been in place and growing for years. DCARO is a membership organization. Their main goal is to help people with disabilities who live in Delaware County. They are advocates for inclusive public policy and provide social and recreational opportunities. Values Into Action […]

  • Planning for Success

    Emergency planning is something most of us learned about in elementary school.  We learned we needed to know what to do in case of an emergency and how to get help. You may remember asking your family what your role in the family plan was. Some of you were able to leave it at “call […]

  • Saving Money for the Future

    Note: All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. Nothing contained in this website should be construed as investment advice. Information contained in this article is relevant to people employed with Values Into Action. If you are employed elsewhere, speak with your employer about the availability of 401k/Profit Sharing Plans. Two important lessons in […]

  • Ending Subminimum Wages

    Transformation to Competitive Integrated Employment Act (TCIEA) H.R. 1263 introduced February 28, 2023 by Representative Bobby Scott (VA – Democrat) And S.B. 533 introduced February 27, 2023 by Senator Casey (PA – Democrat) Background Many Americans still work in places where there are only people with disabilities, and they earn less than minimum wage. This […]

  • Finding My Way

    It began in January of 2020 with a trusted and respected friend who knew I was having trouble finding a job. I began working at a local movie theatre, but the hours and the pay were not enough to support my family. My friend had told me she knew about a company named Values Into […]

  • Wheel of Life

    Simplify Life Planning Using Charting the LifeCourse Framework

    Whether it be a young person who is transitioning into the adult world of disability services, or an adult who wants to create a stronger vision for their life plan, Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) tools are helpful and easy to use. The Charting the LifeCourse framework was created to help individuals and families of all […]

  • Quote: Life Teaches Us Many Lessons. Depends on Us Whether We Want to Learn It.

    The Value of the Unexpected

    We work in partnership with people with disabilities so each person can plan and live happy and healthy lives. Despite everyone’s best efforts, things come up along the way that prompt us to take a look at what we are doing. In our line of work, when things fall outside the norm, they are often […]